12:31 PM

Happy New Year my lovely readers!!! It's hard to believe that it is already 2015, and the vacation I looked forward to for months, has passed. I had every intention of updating the blog while traveling, but who reads a fashion blog to see pictures of pajamas? I'm not kidding, my pajama game was on point the last 12 days.

During my vacation, I did manage to accomplish the following:
1. Slept in past 10 am!!! I haven't slept past 8am in a lonnnngg time.
2. Jumped in the ocean when it was 30 degrees outside. Hello Polar Plunge!
3. Did not open my laptop at all. Not working was blissful and I strongly encourage each of you to do the same for a week.
4. Shopped til I dropped!

So while today's pictures are nothing too stylish, I have some real goodies in store for y'all soon :) And I managed to sit down and write out my resolutions for 2015, some of which are all about focusing on me and the things I enjoy - like this blog! 2015 is going to be a FANTASTIC year, so check back to the blog regularly for all sorts of treats.

What's on your resolution list this year?

Chambray button downBuffalo David Bitton
Striped topH&M (old) - similar here and here
Boots; Michael Kors - similar here
Scarf; Walmart - simlar here
Cheers Sweater; J Crew - similar here