Exciting News!

12:47 PM

Every time I start to develop a rhythm around updating my blog, life happens!!  For example, we have over a foot of snow here in Cleveland with more on its way…and if you write a style blog or know anything about the process of writing one, then you know how truly unstylish bundling for this much snow, truly is! And don’t even get me started on taking pictures in all this!

Aside from weather, I’ve been traveling around (not the best timing with Linus). Last week Joe and I were both in Chicago – each for our jobs.  I spent the week catching up with my coworkers, and sitting through a lot of meetings..which was good considering working from home can be a little lonely. Also, I after months of discussions I can finally announce that Joe and I are moving back to Chicago! It was something we both knew was inevitable; however I guess neither of us anticipated it being so quick after I moved from there lol. Nevertheless, I am excited about being back in the city. Not so much the idea of downsizing or getting a smaller closet, but as Tim Gunn would say, “it’s a make it work moment”!

Aside from looking for new homes, working my day job, and the terrible weather, there really isn’t too much going on. I appreciate the patience from my lovely readers and I hope to get some outfits back up on the blog soon!

Heart you guys!