Loungin' Around

9:27 PM

This past week has been blah…aside from catching up from being out of town all last week, Joe and I have not been feeling very well. That said, the Cleveland Auto Show began this week, so Joe has been swamped with work, meaning no photographer and a lot of time spent alone lol. So this weekend I took the time to do some bargain shopping for our new place in Chicago and scored some major pieces (aka = a perfect white and gold china set that I cannot even begin to describe my excitement over!).

Although I love shopping, my feeling of being run down kept me from getting too dolled up for the adventure. I kept it simple with some flats and these amazingly comfortable but contemporary harem pants that were at none other than K-Mart. I kid you not…I got these last year for less than $5 bucks.  Paired with a fun sweater and some flats, I was equipped to go from store to store yesterday hunting down the best deals.

For the record, it was almost embarrassing how many bags I carried inside our home yesterday…the saving grace was that my wallet was extremely happy and full…which is always a concern after any shopping trip :)

So what’d you do this weekend? Anyone else go bargain hunting?

Outfit Details
Pants; Kmart - A much cooler pair here
Sweater; Old Navy - Similar here and here
Scarf; Marc Jacobs
Coat; Nordstrom - Similar here and here
Shoes; Steve Madden (sold out) - Similar here
Sunglasses; Burberry
Watch; Michele