More Shoes Please!

9:31 PM

Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with shoes. It’s my kryptonite. I just can’t pass up a great deal on an awesome pair of shoes. I blame this entirely on my momma.  It’s funny because she is visiting Joe and I this week since it’s our last week in Cleveland. Yesterday I took her to the mall during my lunch break (I live directly across the street from a mall – which puts a lot of strain on my wallet :)) because she was searching for a specific pair of shoes, which she found…along with two other pairs.

In total, she has actually purchased 6 pair of shoes on her visit to Cleveland!! And Joe wonders why I love shoes…. That got me thinking…why don’t I do a post on shoes?!

Below you will see some of my favorite shoes on the market right now…some I own, some I don’t, and some will find a home in my closet shortly. Either way, click on the link to see where to purchase and enjoy!

Happy Friday.