Conservative Casual

12:09 PM

 Does anyone else struggle with FREEZING while at work? The fire marshal says it’s a fire hazard to have a space heater, my office keeps the building cold enough to preserve meat, and the train ride to and from work, is for lack of better word – hotter than hell. What’s a girl to do?!

Layer. Layer. Layer. That’s what I do…well that, and sometimes I say screw it and plug in that space heater. But for the most part, I try to play by the rules. I am not a very good rule breaker, unless we are talking about wearing white after labor day :) With this outfit, I knew I wouldn’t be warm with just these ExpressColumnist slim leg, ankle pants and this Izod long sleeve button down, so I threw this J Crew sweater over my shoulder in case I needed to add some extra warmth.

Well, sure enough it was too cold to move my little phalanges and the space heater was a must. Sorry Mr. Fireman!

Anyone else trying to balance the arctic cold with their morning outfit selections (or night before outfit selections :))? Or maybe your office is the opposite and has the office hot as sin? Either way, being too cold OR too hot at work is a serious struggle – and I want to know what you do AND how you dress to cope. 

Outfit Details
Top; Izod - Similar here and here
Pants; Express
Sweater; J Crew
Trench Coat; London Fog
Shoes; Kenneth Cole
Tote; Target
Belt; J Crew
Earrings; Sophia & Kate - Similar here
Watch; Michael Kors
Sunglasses; Burberry