Happy Momma's Day

12:16 PM

Another holiday is almost here and with it comes the celebration of those lovely ladies we all like to call 'Mom'! I just love my momma...she's sweet, she's funny and she's the best momma in the whole wide world (yea...I may be a little biased :)) Nevertheless, when it comes to gift giving - she can be pretty tough to shop for. She was always one of those parents that would rather you spend your money on yourself than to buy her gifts, which inevitably never worked in her favor, but left my brother and I clueless while shopping. 

That said, she does not like flowers. Plants - yes. Flowers - NO. One year my brother and I bought my mom flowers for Mother's Day (granted they were slightly dying, but we were young, it was the thought that counted and Wal-Mart was really sold out of any other decent arrangements). Nevertheless, she made us return them. So there's a fun fact for the day - you can, in fact get your money back on flowers lol!

So taking the number one gift for Mother's Day immediately off the table, where does that leave me.??..two weeks out and still a little puzzled as to what to buy the greatest woman on planet Earth?!

So I figured if I am puzzled, there are probably some others who are hung up on what to get Mom this year as well. That sparked an "ah-ha!" moment (I love having those moments - don't you?). So check out my momma's day gift guide by clicking on the images and receive a few hints at what to buy Mom this year....there may not be a "World's Greatest Mom' coffee mug on the list, but at least all the items are still under $100 bucks! You can't beat that!