12:06 PM

Hello again my lovely readers! I know it's been a while since my last post, so I wanted to give you all the scoop on what has been occupying all my time. If you have been following me since the beginning or read some of my previous posts, then you know that I was planning to move back to Chicago. Despite having packers and movers, the process of getting acclimated and organized in a new home, in a different city - it's just tough. We made the move from Cleveland to Chicago with a total of 78 boxes. 78 BOXES!! While most of these boxes are unpacked now, it was a lot of work - and not a lot of fashion. 

On top of that - I stubbed my baby toe - you know, the one that goes 'wee wee wee all the way home'..not once, but twice within a week. These incidents inevitably led to no walking for a few days which delayed unpacking and put a hinder on my shoe game. 

Now add to all of this two basketball games, two birthdays and Easter and well... you can begin to imagine why these past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. 

The good news, I am ready to get this blog back up and running. I came home from my first day back in the office of my full time job (while in Cleveland - I worked from home) and my sweet boyfriend had purchased a brand new MacBook for me and my blog. I can't say enough sweet things about this man - he knows me too well. So stay tuned for more blog posts this week, some featured writers coming soon and some new editing with this new computer!

For now, take a sneak peak at some of my photos during the hiatus!