50 Shades of Grey

4:07 PM

Is it just me, but am I the only one loving all things grey right now?! And I am NOT talking about Christian Grey either. It’s my new favorite neutral, and a common color in my house as well :) I consider myself pretty bright and colorful with my fashion choices (probably borderline circus), but occasionally and more so recently,  I’ve found myself gravitating toward muted, neutrals. 

One of my favorite things about wearing neutrals is that any accessory it is paired with really POPS. So this beautiful blue, Marc Jacobs bag, or this classic, Perry Street Rocksbox necklace really get their 15 minutes of fame when paired with this grey on grey look. It’s perfect for Spring (gosh we are so close to Summer I can hardly stand it), and perfecctttt for a date night. 

Joe loves when I wear more casual clothes - which is often a struggle for me, but relationships are all about a little give and take - right?! So Joe is kind enough to take all of my blog pictures (boyfriend of the year award goes to...) and I surprise him with some casual outfits that he’ll love, when we go on date nights! Win - Win! 

Outfit Details
Sweater; Target - Similar here and here
Jeans; J Brand
Shoes; City Snappers - Similar here
Watch; Michelle
Hat; K Mart - Similar here
Necklace/Rings; c/o Rocksbox - One free month using code jessicalynnaxoxo