Holiday Weekend Recap!

4:03 PM

Hi there!! So I know I haven’t posted in a few days, but to be honest I really wanted to spend time relaxing and enjoying the long weekend. Remember me telling y’all a few posts back that I was feeling more stressed than normal?! Well this weekend was the cure all!! A little sun, a little fun and some extra Zzzz’s and I am feeling 100% back to normal :) So in exchange for my lack of posts, I wanted to clue y’all in on what I did this weekend!

There are a lot of things I miss about Kentucky (Family of course being numero uno), but going to Keeneland every April and October is definitely high on the list as well. If you don’t know what Keeneland is, just think the Kentucky Derby, on a smaller scale of course! I love getting all dolled up and heading to the tracks for a little horse racing and who knew I could experience something similar here in Chicago! On Friday we (“we” = myself, my better half and what I hope to be my future in laws – hint hint Joe!) went to Arlington Race Track for a little betting on the ponies. It was SO much fun! Being in the city and far from home can sometimes get a little overwhelming, so being at the tracks was almost like finding a little piece of home in this crazy chaotic city and I can’t wait to go back again and again! Especially once it’s warmer here. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that I won a little money too :)

Saturday was an absolute bee-u-t-ful day outside, and so we weren’t about to spend this day inside. We drove into the city and spent the day at the beach (which is not the same beach that us Southerners know and love, but close enough). A full day of sunshine, tanning, and a few drinks and I was on cloud nine! Perhaps I should have been more prepared with the sunscreen, as my hands were not too thrilled about the extra Vitamin D, but nevertheless, it was so nice to leave all my worries at home and just soak up the sun. 
Sunday was the worst day of the weekend – of course Mother Nature had to throw in a little rain to damper the plans, but we made the best of it by doing a little shopping, which you will never hear me complain about! I didn’t buy a lot this weekend, but the couple items I did buy were mah-jor and I can’t wait to share them with y’all! Stay tuned :)
Then of course there was yesterday – which was filled with eating, napping and watching some sports. In that exact order…matter of fact – I stayed on the sofa so long yesterday that Joe and I ended up sleeping there all night too. Which come to find out this morning was not the wisest choice, but it was fun to switch things up.

Flash forward to today…it’s back to reality. Which means getting up early and back to work - ughhhh. But you know what else that means?! Back to posting on the blog! And I have some extra special outfits planned for the week so get excited!

What did you all do this weekend? Please tell me someone grilled out?! 

Outfit Recap
Blazer; Q Mack - Similar here
Sunglasses; Burberry & Michael Kors
Bathing Suit; Victoria Secret
Hat; Forever 21 (old) - Similar here
Hat; K-Mart - Similar here
Tote; Marshalls - Similar here
3 Tiered Necklace; Sophia & Kate - Similar here
Sandals; Steve Madden