Rain Check?

3:51 PM

Rain, rain - go away! Don’t come back - well ever. 

If you know me at all, then you know how much rain and I are not friends. It’s cold, it messes up your hair, everyone forgets how to drive and I generally don’t like the feeling of having wet feet in shoes. I mean, it just isn’t feasible to wear rain boots with every outfit (I know, you want to - me too!) so sometimes you end up with that clammy and cold shoe/feet thing going on, which is just beyond words.

Case in point, the above attire. While I managed to bring the light rain jacket, and my little umbrella - I just couldn’t bring myself to wear some boots with these shorts. I may or may not have contemplated the idea in the mirror for 10+ minutes, but since we were meeting up with some of Joe’s friends, I decided against the idea (hindsight is SO 20/20). This decision ultimately led to some very wet canvas Tory Burch shoes (which thankfully are not brand new!) and some seriously cold feet (which for the record - I’ve heard is so much worse at a wedding :))  

So anyway, as much as I wanted to take a rain check on the Blackhawks game and pass on the idea of going outside, I mustered through - to a Blackhawks victory and quite possibly pneumonia. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little on the latter...okay, exaggerating a lot.; but it was seriously freezing to attend a hockey game in wet clothes. So let this be a lesson to you - and don’t do it!

What’s your go to outfit when the weatherman calls for rain?

Outfit Details
Sweatshirt; J Crew Factory
Shorts; J Crew Factory
Shoes; Tory Burch (old) - Similar here
Jacket; Kenneth Cole (old) - Similar here
Purse; Tory Burch - Simlar here
Umbrella; London Fog - Similar here