Spa Day Giveaway!

3:53 PM

Maybe it’s just me, but lately I have been feeling a little more pushed to the limits than normal. It could be the fact that it’s been warm outside but we haven’t had air conditioner (will be getting it on May 15th and must admit, the constant heat is frying my brain!), it could be that I am busier than normal at my day job, or it could be that I really haven’t taken the time to pamper myself in a while. 

And stress is just not good for the body (I know, I know – we’ve all heard that before), but inevitably if I am amidst a stressful time, my skin becomes a complete brat, my brain goes on the fritz and my hunger – well I practically eat everything in my sight. That said, I am trying to teach myself how to live a life free of stress.

I can’t really get into the whole yoga thing and trust me I’ve tried. I just can’t find my relaxation during all those poses…I’m either thinking ‘this pose isn’t challenging’, “this pose is too challenging’, ‘my freaking legs burn’, ‘is the person behind me starring at my butt’, ‘my pants are too tight’, ‘I need to stop at the dry cleaners on the way home’, ‘hmm – I’m hungry’, ‘why did I pay for this’, ‘ooh I like that girl’s shoes’, I wonder what Joe is doing’…you get the point. I’m like curious George, so the wheels on my bus are in constant motion.

So since yoga is not for me, I find solace in the spa – give me a facial, a little massage and a mani/pedi and I am in heaven! Especially since I am such a skin care junkie! So like I said, maybe it’s just me, but then again, maybe you’re feeling the stress too. So I’ve teamed up with some really lovely ladies to giveaway a Spa Day!! You can thank me later :)

All you need to do is go to my Instagram page and follow the rules. Yep, it’s that simple. So get moving and good luck!

Oh and remember – don’t stress!