Surprise Sale!

4:02 PM

Call me girlie, but I heart Kate Spade. I wish she was my sister…or a friend…or even a 5th cousin twice removed. I just want to be…I mean know her. :) I love her style aesthetic because it’s always classic, it’s always girlie and it’s always charming. The bows, the glitter, the pops of color…if you’ve been in a Kate Spade store, you know what I am talking about.

Now, add to all this girlie goodness, the surprise of waking up to an email from Ms. Spade herself (okay the email probably came from a marketing team….okay, probably an automated email – quit crushing my dreams!), with an invitation for the SURPRISE SALE!!!!! Up to 75% off bags, clothes, and accessories! Cue the little angel babies (I think they’re actually called cherubs) with their harps because this folks is what is known as girlie heaven!

So maybe you didn’t get the email, or maybe you need a second opinion, but either way I’ve listed all my favorites below. And as if you needed more incentive to start shopping, you better hurry because the sale ends tomorrow!