Canadian Tuxedo

8:15 PM

I won’t lie, I don’t know a lot about Canada, but I do know a lot of great things came from there…Celine Dion…Ryan Gosling…the Canadian Tuxedo!  Those dang Canadians really nailed it with their version of the tux. It’s chic, but not too dressy and more importantly, It’s simple. And as much as I don’t like to admit it, some days just call for simple! 

What’s best about the denim on denim trend is that chambray and denim comes in so many varieties that you can repeat the look over and over again, but differently! My closet is filled with all washes, shades and types of denim. And I found this sweet little embroidered top a couple weeks ago, and decided I couldn’t live without adding it to the collection. I think it was definitely needed, what about you?

Now that I’m thinking about all the good things that came from Canada, it almost made me forget they produced Justin Bieber. Yea, no amount of Canadian Tuxedos is going to get my forgiveness on that one. 

Nice try Canada. 

Outfit Details
Top; here
Jeans; here
Shoes; old - Similar here and here
Bag; here
Earrings; here
Bracelets; here
Watch; here
Lip; here