Down South

8:18 PM

If there is one thing that growing up in a small southern town taught me about fashion, it’s that overalls will always be in style! I loved my overalls as a kid and I still do. It probably has something to do with the memories I carry from my one-pieced childhood, but you can bet that I will always have at least one pair on hand in my closet. 

See, the town I am from celebrates a festival called “Hillbilly Days” once a year, and while that may sound kinda foolish, it’s the highlight of April every year. Local schools give kids a day off, food and craft vendors come in from across the nation, and the carnival sets up shop right in the movie theater parking lot!  And on top of all this loveliness, a portion of the proceeds made at this festival are given to Children’s Shriners Hospital. 

Growing up, my family would go every year and my momma would never miss the opportunity to put me in my overalls, my little bobby socks with Keds, fix my hair into piggy tails and use her eyeliner to give me a few freckles or color in my teeth. Sure it’s funny to think about now, but it’s my roots and I am proud of where I come from - hillbilly or not. 

So while this outfit may not have fake freckles, and I traded the Keds in for a nice pair of heels, I will always stay true to who I was born and raised to be…a sweet tea drinking, fried chicken eatin, overall wearing Southerner - who loves God, football and big pageant hair.

Sorry, I’m not sorry :)

Outfit Details
Overalls; old - Similar here and here
T-shirt; here
Shoes; here
Purse; Similar here (on SALE!)
Watch; here
Bracelet; here and here
Earrings; here
Lip; here
Sunnies; here