Indiana Jones

8:10 PM

But these shorts though. 

I could probably leave this blog post at that, but I’m gonna pretend that y’all visit my blog for my quick witted humor, as much as you do the fashion – so I’ll put on my thinking cap and press on with the post :)

I bought these shorts a few years ago at H&M, and although they hit the trifecta of items I will never buy (they wrinkle, can only be hand washed and cannot be dried in a dryer) I LOVE THEM! I try to steer clear of “hand wash only” items for a few reasons.

A.      Once dirty, they sit in the hamper for longer than I care to admit.
B.      They get thrown in the washing machine anyway (See item A) and almost always ruined.
C.      I end up never wearing them (see A and B).

These shorts; however are the exception. I can always count on being motivated to get these babies cleaned and back in the rotation a.s.a.p.

Speaking of rotation, I’ve received a couple questions lately about putting together outfits and rotating items from one outfit to another. One of the disadvantages of living in Chicago (aside from the fact my car was stolen of course – see previous blog post about that here) is that money does not buy you closet space (AKA: happiness).

So with a small closet and clothes stored in every nook and cranny, I rely a lot on my memory in order to style my outfits. And when that fails me (let’s be honest - I can’t possibly remember everything in my closet!), I turn to Stylebook. Stylebook is this nifty little app that lets you add your own clothes, shoes, bags and accessories into a virtual closet. So I can be on a train, plane in an automobile and be creating outfits!

It also allows you to create packing lists for traveling (for my fellow Type A’s), plan your outfits in advance, or see your return on investment for items in your closet. And who doesn’t want to know if those expensive new shoes were worth their weight in gold?

I will give you one piece of advice though….do not try to import your entire closet into this app all at once! This is a time consuming process and it took me a while to get the majority of my closet in there. Start small and add a couple of your favorite pieces. Then add pieces as you wear them. Then add new pieces as you buy them. Before you know it, your closet has turned into a virtual app (like OMG – it’s so Cher’s closet in Clueless!) and it goes with you everywhere!

Pretty soon, "trendy" will be your middle name… And then you'll create your own blog!

Oh, and is it just me or does this hat totally remind you of Indiana Jones. Spoiler alert - it's only $20!

Outfit Details
Shorts; H&M (old) – Similar here and here
Top; Velvet Heart - Similar here
Shoes; Target (old) - Similar here
Clutch; Tory Burch - Similar here
Lipstick; YSL
Earrings; Rocksbox (Kendra Scott) - Get a free month of Rocksbox using code Jessicalynnaxoxo