Trend Alert: Mini Skirts!

7:59 PM

I am not one for mini-skirts – maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s my fear of Chicago wind blowing the skirt up (wouldn’t be the first time), or maybe it’s just the fact that I once got in trouble in high school for wearing a skirt too short – but nevertheless, I rarely wear mini-skirts. That said, I’ve bought three recently! Now granted each of these skirts have very similar qualities that allow me to step out of my comfort zone and wear them confidently, but if you too are questioning how to pull off that mini you’ve been eyeing in the store window, then check out a few of my tips below:
  • Pick a skirt with structure - This one is especially important, as I previously mentioned the Chicago wind can be a little unpredictable – case in point, the wind blew up my skirt last year at front of my coworkers. I was faced with the dilemma to either drop my lunch and cover myself, or save my lunch and embrace the wind. I saved my lunch. (In hindsight, the taco bell wasn’t really worth it, but I learned a valuable lesson. Always wear respectable undies! Yes ladies – that means no hello kitty or fanny flossers!). Nevertheless, skirts with a heavier fabric, weighted details and structure can likely withstand the quirks of Mother Nature. Plus, longer skirts are better for lighter, flowing fabric anyway!
  • Make it pop – If I am going to wear a mini skirt, it better be one heck of a statement piece! For example, this fringe mini is the ultimate statement, as fringe is all the rage right now. I saw it in Forever 21 this past weekend and couldn’t resist the impulse to add it to my summer wardrobe. Because the skirt is made of leather (who am I kidding – pleather) with fringe details all around, I can pair it with just about anything and still look chic. I love simple-chic. It’s my favorite!
  • Don’t overexpose – Wearing a mini skirt means revealing a lot of leg, which in my book means keeping the rest of the outfit a little modest. Try wearing your mini with a blazer or denim jacket (like me!), or maybe even a turtleneck. But whatever you do, don’t go showing off your legs, your back, your arms, your chest and whatever else is in that goody bag of yours. Unless the general public purchased tickets, there is no good reason to give them a show.
  • Price is right – Since mini-skirts are not my favorite pieces, you can bet that I won’t be shelling out a lot of cash to stash one in my closet. Each of the three skirts I recently purchased were done so for $30 dollars or less. Let’s face it…if it’s not something that is going to be worn a lot, there’s no use splurging, in which case you should check out these other really great minis for under $30 here and here!
So there ya have it folks – my mental checklist for purchasing a mini-skirt. Have some other tips? Feel free to share them below :) Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Outfit Details
Skirt; Forever 21
T-Shirt; Target - Similar and cheaper option here
Jacket; Forever 21
Wallet; Marc Jacobs (old) - Similar here
Earrings; c/o Rocksbox - Get one free month using code jessicalynnaxoxo
Watch; Michele
Sunnies; Burberry