Warby Parker

8:01 PM

When I was little, my school did this thing where a lady would set up shop for the day and each classroom would take turns getting their eyes checked. As I channel my inner 9 year old self, I can remember standing in line, scared and nervous of what the results would entail. Inevitably I would let kid after kid in front of me, and then I would ask those who already took the test what the letters were. After some careful memorization, what do you know?! I always had 20/20 vision!!

Now granted at the time, I probably legitimately had 20/20 vision, but as I’ve gotten older, spent many years starring at projector screens, computers, cell phones, and tvs, I can tell you that my vision is no longer 20/20. How do I know? I went to the eye doctor – duh!
My first eye appointment was a little scary, but after a family history of vision issues, struggling to see as I was driving, squinting to see anything far away, and trying to figure out why I saw things as blurry, that others saw just fine – I finally mustered up the courage to go. I left the appointment with a prescription for glasses and $400 worth of debt to pay for them! I can assure you I would much rather spend $400 on some Jimmy Choo shoes or even a vacay. Nevertheless, I wore those glasses out!

I went again about a year ago, only to learn that my vision had gotten worse, this time bad enough for contacts. But being stubborn and not too keen on the idea of putting things in my eyes, I opted for a new pair of stunner shades, and left the office with another pair of completely overprized, and basic glasses.

That’s where Warby Parker comes in. I don’t remember how I heard of them, but does it really matter when a company is this awesome?! Let’s review a few of the reasons why I <3 parker="" span="" warby="">
  • Their prescription eyeglasses start at $95!!!!! If your vision insurance is anything like mine, then that means a pair of these glasses are completely covered!
  • They have so many cute frames, colors and styles to choose from – trust me, their selection will put your eye doctor’s office to shame.
  • They offer an at home try on, where you preselect 5 glasses and they send you the pairs for free! You have 5 days to try the pairs on, show them to you friends, or do what I am doing and blog about it!
  • They also offer sunnies (that’s code for sunglasses). Enough said!
  • For every pair of eyeglasses purchased, Warby Parker will donate a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need. So not only can you look good in your new, fab glasses – you can feel good too, knowing somebody, somewhere can see better because of you.
With that being said, let the drumroll begin – because I need you all to help me decide which pair to order!! Make sure to leave me a comment with your fav so I can select my soon to be eyewear. And should you be like me, and are in the market for some new glasses – remember Warby Parker next time!