Faux Fur or No Fur

10:09 PM

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the awful story about Cecil the Lion. Personally, I’ve always been an animal lover and could never kill any of God’s little creatures (with the exception of insects which absolutely terrify me – especially lady bugs UGGHHHHH!). Anyway, as I read the story, I found myself quite sad knowing this majestic animal was skinned..and for what reason?! I know others may support the hunting and killing of animals, and to that I say “to each their own”. It is not something I want to participate in, and yet I still eat chicken, pork and steak. Does that make me a hypocrite – probably? But to me, there’s something so much more inhumane about the killing of an animal just for the sake of killing. 

Then I remembered how many animals are sacrificed for the name of fashion. Over 50 million animals a year are killed for the sake of fur & fashion. I don’t care how chic fur is, was or will be – this is one trend I cannot participate in. There are too many alternatives out there that are equally as warm and stylish. Case in point, this faux fur (I’ve checked, and double checked this) leopard jacket from Express. Don’t want to go the faux fur route?! I can’t blame you – you can still wear animals in the form of  fun prints on your tees :) Right now this adorable pink flamingo tank is 15% off with the code JESSICALYNNA.

So see, there are ways to wear animals that are still stylish, chic and 100% cruelty free to animals! Now who’s with me?!

Outfit Details
Leopard JacketExpress (old) – similar here
Shirt; Royal Bowtique – 15% of your purchase with the code JESSICALYNNA
Shorts; Zara (old) – similar here
Sunnies; Karen Walker
Earrings; J Crew (sold out) – similar here
Bracelets; Alex and Ani
Watch; Michele