Linen Love

9:27 PM

I know y’all are probably tired of seeing stripes, especially considering they were all the rage for the 4th of July, but I just cannot get enough of this sweater right now. I have always been a sucker for stripes and I really have to force myself not to purchase ANOTHER striped item when I am shopping (need a refresher – see a post with stripes here, here and here :)). 

So while I may have struggled in The Limited on whether to purchase this adorable navy striped sweater, we see who won this battle…and I am so glad it did! I have worn it over, over and over lately, so don’t be surprised if you see this on the blog again soon. And can we all take a moment to bow down for the luxury in life that is linen?!  It’s basically like being super cozy in a pair of your fav sweatpants, but still looking put together and chic – which let’s face it. As much as we all wish our fav sweatpants that are 3 sizes too big were cool and stylish, they are reserved merely for healing our souls, not for fashion!

Linen is probably my top trend right now. I have a lot of linen pieces in my closet and despite wrinkling easy, these pieces are always my go-to. I’ve been feeling very “preppy” lately, and linen is just the look to accomplish this. I mean c’mon, did you see my Instragram with my new Sperry’s? What’s more preppy then linen pants and some Sperry’s?!

Hope you’re having a fab Tuesday!

Outfit Details
Sweater; similar here and here
Pants; here
Shoes; old - similar and better shoe here
Hat; here
Earrings; here
Watch; here
Bag; old - similar here
Sunnies; here