Birthday Wishes

10:10 PM

It’s officially mine and Joe’s birthday month!! August is almost always a busy month for us, as my birthday is at the beginning of the month, his at the end, and there is almost always other events and celebrations planned in between. This year is no exception!

That said though, each year for my birthday I try to buy myself a little gift for all that I’ve accomplished in the last 365 days. As we approach the 11th of August, I’ve been revisiting all my major milestones in the past year. I moved to Cleveland, moved in with Joe, moved back to Chicago, had my car stolen, had my car totaled, got engaged, accomplished a TON at work, and started my BLOG! I guess you could say 27 has been crazy :) So with all the milestones, excitement and stress - I’ve decided to buy myself something extra special this year. 

That said, I’m not quite sure what to get! What do you think?