Buttoned Up!

10:17 PM

It never fails, Joe always makes fun of me when I wear my button downs buttoned all the way to the collar. He says I look too nerdy, but I say that it makes for the perfect opportunity to wear a statement necklace!

Call me nerdy, but this is a go-to look for me! An oversized button down, some boyfriend jeans  (like these Rag & Bones jeans that are on major sale) and a cute pair of heels - count me in! Now usually I don’t go out in such wrinkled shirts, but granted I wore this shirt to work all day, then switched pants in the afternoon and well 100% cotton in the middle of the summer heat = wrinkles, wrinkles and more wrinkles. I was going to iron it prior to snapping pics, but then I thought 'there’s no use setting unrealistic expectations on the blog', right?! This is a great shirt, but it will wrinkle after wearing (surprise!). 

Don’t have an oversized button down?! No worries ladies - just borrow your man’s! I’m notorious for sneaking into Joe’s closet and borrowing a few of his shirts. Don’t believe me? See post here and here :) 

Now, on to more pressing matters - it’s THURSDAY! So close to surviving another work week! As a little treat for y’all for making it to another weekend, I’m gonna have some really exciting blog posts up this weekend - so check back because you don’t want to miss these!

One. More. Day.

Outfit Details
Shirt; Zac & Rachel (old) - Newer, adorable version here
Jeans; Express
Bag; Tory Burch (old) - similar here
Necklace; Sophia & Kate (old) - similar here
Nails; Essie (Mod Squad)
Earrings; Kendra Scott
Watch; Michele