Cynthia Rowley

10:23 PM

 Don’t you just love when you find a dress that you could swear was made specifically for you?!! That’s exactly how I feel about this Cynthia Rowley dress! Not too formal, not too casual…making it perfect for every occasion.

When Joe and I moved back to Chicago I realized that I had two issues:

1. I have a shopping problem.
2. I didn’t own a single little black dress.

So being the problem solver that I am, I ignored issue number one, in exchange for solving issue number 2. #WinningAtLife And so my quest for the perfect LBD was born. I can be picky (who me?!), especially if I am looking for items that are considered “staples” and/or “essentials” and so it took me a while to find this beauty. The first LBD I purchased is an adorable little dress, emphasis on the word "little"! I’m the worst because I rarely try things on at stores and instead just bring them home, rip off the tags, and then try them on. Yes I know, that is completely bass akwards, but would you really expect anything less from me at this point?? :) So anyway, I got the first dress home, put it on and realized that it was WAY too short for any adult to wear!

I am not a tall person, so if the dress was this short on me, I’d imagine it was a crop top on someone taller than 5’6’’. #Fail. Oh well, I threw a pair of shorts under it and got all kinds of laughs the rest of the night. 

Fast forward a couple more months and I found this Cynthia Rowley dress just hanging, looking beautiful and perfect and begging me to buy it. This time I marched to the dressing room and tried it on. It was magic! That night, I wore the dress to a wedding with some sparkly accessories and some formal shoes. Today, I am pairing this dress with a little flannel because ladies it is COLD in Chicago. Last week we were enjoying sunshine and 90s, and this week, clouds and 60s - SAY WHAT?!

Since I fell so in love with this dress, I took the liberty of perusing other Cynthia Rowley items and I must say - I got butterflies for pretty much everything. My top picks though are here, herehere and here!

Now, if only I could find the perfect blush pink dress….guess that means I'll continue ignoring issue #1. 

Outfit Details
Flannel; Urban Outfitters (old) - similar here
Shoes; Anna Michelle (old) - similar here
Bag; Tory Burch (old) - Similar here and also on SALE!
Necklace; Sophia & Kate - better version here
Rings; Rocksbox - similar here
Watch; Michelle
Lips; Milani Cosmetics (Fruit Punch)