'Express' Yourself

10:11 PM

What’s black and white, and has comfy written all over it?! Well this outfit of couse!!

Okay – so the pants don’t literally have the word ‘comfy’ written on them, but you get the point. I picked these bad boys up at Express a while back and for the longest time I really struggled with how to wear them. On the rack I had ideas swirling through my head of tops and shoes I’d pair them with, and then once I actually got them home, all the outfits looked exactly how everyone was styling them.

One thing I try really hard to do with my fashion is invent new ways to wear things. A basic dress, a chambray top - you name and I want to find a new way to add value to that piece in my closet. So imagine my disappointment when I seriously struggled to find a new way to wear these pants. Every idea led back to pairing these pants with a basic tee that could be styled with flats or heels.

Then it hit me…some pieces are meant to be basics. Those pieces are perfect and timeless and aren’t meant to be reinvented. For example - jeans and a white tee or these pants! So maybe this isn’t the most stylish outfit you’ve seen in the blog atmosphere lately, but it's more stylish then my pajamas (which may or may not be saying a lot) :)

Hope you're having a great week!

Outfit Details
Pants; Express (old) - similar here
Shoes; Payless (old) - similar here and here
Necklace; Thrift Store - simlar here
Earrings; Rocksbox - Use the code jessicabff935 for a free month
Watch; Michele
ClutchSteve Madden (old) - similar here
Nails; Essie (Fiji)