Rocky Top

10:22 PM

Last Wednesday I headed down south to a wedding in Tennessee, but Joe and I made this a dual purpose trip by inviting my momma along. And lucky me – my brother and sister in law met us in town as well! So aside from going to a beautiful barn wedding, I also snuck in some much needed time with my family.

There’s only one problem – vacation is now over. UGHHHH! I love when I get the opportunity to travel down South regardless the reason. It always reminds me to slow down in life…if you are from the South or have been to the South, then you know that it is just a different world. It’s like entering into a twilight zone where everyone is uber friendly, there is absolutely no stress, and every piece of food is fried and delicious. Wait – I may be confusing the South and Heaven….jk.

So anyway, you might have noticed that I didn’t blog at all while I was gone…and I was barely updating my Instagram. I just got caught up in the rest and relaxation that I was having a really hard time finding the motivation to write and post. Sorry y’all! Forgive me, please?! :)

I will say my fashion was not on point this weekend either, so all the more reason to not post. I packed a lot of cute clothes, but then Joe and I went in the Nike outlet, and I just ended up buying myself lounge clothes to wear the whole time. That said, I did get a really cute pair of tennies that I will feature on the blog soon.

So anyway, below is my recap of the trip. If you are looking into traveling to Pigeon Forge, TN – I highly recommend it! I’ve been there more times that I can count, but I always love it everytime I'm there.


Springhill Suites on Christmas Tree Lane. The perfect location to get to everything in Pigeon Forge in a 5 minute drive or less.

We had every intention of driving straight to Kentucky after I got off work to stay with my momma on Wednesday night, but we got to Indianappolis and were too tired to keep driving, so we pulled over and used HotelTonight to book a room quick. If you haven't heard of HotelTonight, it's worth checking out next time you need a last minute hotel room and if you use the code JWESLEY17 you get $25 in hotel credit!

We got into Tennessee pretty late, so we went to dinner at Blue Moose Burgers & Wings followed up with dessert from Gigi’s Cupcakes Mmmmmm..I love Gigi's - they're cupcakes are devine! After this, we just went to bed. Bummer! The buffalo chicken at the Blue Moose is really yummy though! So much so that Joe was stealing it off my plate :)

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Enough Said. 

Shopping at the Tanger Outlets – found some really good pieces that I am looking forward to showcasing on the blog :) But what shopping trip doesn't result in that??!

Mid-afternoon, Joe and I both started getting ready for the wedding. We were being shuttled from the hotel to the venue at 4:30, so we had to make sure we weren't late. The wedding was at a barn up in the mountains and it was very beautiful. As you can see from the pics, it was very quaint and romantic. Just the way I like it!

White Water Rafting!!! Can you believe I went white water rafting?! I still can't believe that I can check that off my bucket list, but Joe and I met up with some of our friends and took on the PIegon River, as intermediate rafters. It didn't exactly align with my expectations though. I thought for sure it would be hard or that I would fall of the raft, but it was more lazy river than it was adrenaline - so if you are contemplating whether or not to go - let my experience ease your fears :) I have pictures on a CD that I am looking forward to showing y'all soon!

Saturday night, Joe and I met up with my momma, my bro and sister in law, and two of our friends with dinner at the Old Mill (easily my favorite restaraunt in Pigeon Forge). It was nice to be surrounded with great food and even better people. I ate chicken and dumpings and corn fritters til my heart was content. Then we all hit up the Apline Roller Coaster, which is a super cool take on a roller coaster. Imagine controlling your own speed, as you travel down a mountain side in a two person cart?!!!!!! Um - it was as cool as it sounds - seriously!

Yesterday was consumed with driving for the most part, but yesterday morning we did hit up Paula Deen's for breakfast and I am still salivating for the ooey gooey pancakes and hashbrowns. I may have gained 10 pounds on this trip, but all the food was SO good and I am already missing it. We also hit up some of the antique stores because I am always on the hunt for old/vintage China and Joe and I found some really great plates that will make an appearance in our wedding :)

So tonight I unpack and catch up on laundry (borrrrinnnggggg!), but I will have a new outfit up on the blog on Wednesday! Get excited!!

Hope you're week is off to a good start!