Talk Tassel To Me

10:19 PM

If you caught my last post (if not, no worries - just click here), then you probably saw that I included the tassel top as one of my favorite Hawk & Holly pieces. I am always guilty of buying high fashion statement pieces, which is great…until I want something more casual for the day and then I end up wearing the same old pieces time and time again (think jeans and white tee - over. and over. and OVER).

One thing I’ve been trying to buy more of recently are casuals. Casual tees, casual pants and basic jewelry…I need to learn to dress myself more casually (OHH the struggle!). I picked this top thinking it would be a good transition piece for me and thankfully I was SO right! The silhouette and print are a little more basic than I would normally pick, but the tassels are a fun statement that allow me to still feel all dressed up. Not to mention I’ve received a bazillion compliments on this top the two times I've worn it- and aren’t compliments just the best?! They give ya the warm and fuzzies and just make ya feel good about yourself! Yay for compliments! Especially when you get them for wearing something that didn’t break the bank!! 

Yep, that's this top! You could pair it with a pencil skirt and cardigan/blazer for a day at the office, you could throw on black jeans or maybe some leather pants for a fun night out, or take a tip from me and pair it with these Forever 21 hunter green biker pants or some basic jeans for a casual look during the day. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. My point is, no matter how you pair this top - you need it in your closet! It’s only $34 (hello STEAL!), but with the code JESSICALYNNAyou get 15% off your purchase!! 

So maybe you should stop reading this post now and head on over to Hawk and Holly before it’s sold out. Happy Shopping!

Questioning you're sizing? If it helps - I am wearing a size small :)

Outfit Details
Top; c/o Hawk and Holly
Pants; Forever 21
Heels; Target
Bracelet; David Yurman & Vintage - similar here
Watch; Michele
Nails; OPI (Berlin There Done That)
Lips; MUA