Happy Feet

10:41 PM

Does anyone else find themselves enduring hours of feet pain, because you just couldn’t say no to those stunning 5 inch, lace up stilettos or really just any high-heel in general? I’ve always been taught “beauty is pain”, but my feet are scarred from years of pain (no seriously – scarred from cuts and blisters), and at this day and age, does beauty really still need to be the equivalent of pain?!

I mean, let’s think about it – tee shirts are the new glam (see post here and here), sweatpants have become much hipper (see post here), and loose fitting, knit sweaters are all the rage for Fall (see a couple of my favorites here and here). So with all these comfortable items making headlines in Fashion, why are my favorite shoes still giving my feet pain?!

In all fairness, I do quite a bit of walking on a typical work day! To the train, I stand on the train, from the train to the office, around the office, to lunch, to the train to go home, I stand on the train again, and then from the train, home. That doesn’t even include if I work out which tends to happen less and less as I get older (haha) or if I am doing blog pictures for the day. So basically I walk all the freaking time, and my feet just aren’t happy about it. #unhappyfeet

Well luckily I was contacted about giving a product, designed to target daily foot pain, a try. As I read the email, and walked home with bleeding feet that day (I kid you not), I figured I had nothing to lose. What is this magic product you ask?! SOLE SERUM. And it’s happy feet in bottle (without the adorable penguins of course!).

Sole Serum is a blend of lidocaine and natural, safe and soothing ingredients and is designed to block the foot’s pain signals from reaching the brain, while also reducing inflammation. Yea – that sounds kind of technical right?! So here’s the brass tax – Sole Serum is a serum (duh!) that you put on your feet to stop pain. It smells good and it works, and is perfect for every occasion I can think of. Weddings, holiday parties, holiday shopping, daily living, dancing, bar crawling (which only involves actual crawling if you didn’t bring your Sole Serum), etc.

So what are you waiting for?! For only $12.50, you can turn those $200 heels into shoes that are as comfy as sneakers. Which means, more use and less pain! And more use, means more reason to buy those same shoes in every color :)

I mean c’mon, life is short, buy the shoes….and Sole Serum.

Outfit Details
Serum; Sole Serum
Top; Buffalo by David Bitton (old) - similar here
Vest; J Crew
Denim; J Brand
Shoes; Steve Madden (on SALE!)
Glasses; Warby Parker
Watch; Michele
Necklace; Rocksbox (Try Rocksbox for FREE for 30 days with code JESSICALYNNAXOXO)

**This post is sponsored by Sole Serum who provided product. All opinions are my own.

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