Chicago Casual

6:32 PM

I’ve been feeling like a big ole’ pile of crap lately, which has ultimately led to the lack of blog posts and dare I even say – Instagram updates! Yes, ladies…I have felt so yucky that I haven’t even really cared to update Instagram. I didn’t even know it was possible to feel that bad!
Anyway, thankfully I have one last batch of photos from my shoot with the oh so talented Megan Lusher and these might just be my favorite. This shoot was the least windy of all 5, and the warmest, which made it a lot easier to get comfortable in front of the camera. Nothing says bad picture quite like a face that is FREEZING! And she definitely got more of those then I can probably count!
Anyway, if there is one thing I do in cooler temperatures to help keep warm, it's layer. And puffer vests are my go-to for layering! I’ve been obsessed with these over the past few years and the year that J Crew stops selling them, I will be devastated lol. 
I am a lover of all things J Crew. The quality is worth the splurge, the style is always classic and girlie and their outlet store is the cat’s meow! I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but I literally live only 8 miles away from a J Crew Outlet, which is both problematic but so beneficial for my Fall wardrobe. I added a couple more puffer vests to the collection this year (this Black one being one of them) and some classic plaid button downs, all still available and included in the links below :)
I am wearing the size XXS, but I swear I have these vests in size XS and S and I can’t tell the difference between the three. Hopefully this will help you navigate the tricky “size chart” debacle.
So what’s everyone being for Halloween? I have some pretty goofy costumes planned that I can’t wait to show you all!
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Outfit Details
Puffer Vest; J Crew Factory
Sweater; J Crew Factory
Jeans; J Brand
Boots; Tommy Hilfiger (old) - similar here, here and here
Scarf; Burberry
Watch; Michele