Deal on a Dime

7:22 PM

A few years ago, Joe purchased a really nice pair of duck boots and I have been envious ever since. Every Fall/Winter I wish for a pair, and every year I never bite the bullet and buy them. This year while perusing around on Ebay (am I the only person who likes to shop around on Ebay lol?), I stumbled across these boots. Now usually similar shoes run anywhere from $100-$200, so I had mentally prepared myself to fork over a couple of benjamins in order to add these shoes to my closet. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this pair for only $35! 

Now I’ll admit, I was skeptical that these would come in and be complete garbage quality, and that was assuming I even got the shoes at all. But they arrived right on time, fit perfectly and look adorable. I love when online shopping ends in happiness instead of sorrow lol!

I’ve always been quite the shopper. I think I happened to inherit the part of my mother that loves to shop, and the part of my father that has a pair of shoes for every outfit. Yep, that’s right! Both my parents are fond of shopping, so there really was no hope for me at a young age ;) 

Because of my love to shop, and my limited income, I had to really learn how to get the most bang for my buck. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t love the labels, or have expensive items in my closet, it just means that I don’t just run up thousands of dollars on credit cards just to keep up with the Jones’. I taught myself to love discount shopping, even though that usually means more crowds & chaos.

Did you know that science has proven that some people get endorphins just by finding something on sale?! Yea, I know - it seems silly, but I am a thousand times happier about an item if I feel I got a good deal on it too. So that's why I love shopping at stores like Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack and outlet malls! If you missed my last post about Marshalls, please see here! I always walk away with the most adorable items from there, so it makes dealing with the longer lines a lot more manageable :)

Happy Wednesday y'all! Only two more days until the WEEKEND!

Outfit Details
Vest; Marshalls - similar here and here
Button Up; J Crew Factory
Jeans; J Brand
Shoes; Ebay - similar here and here
Purse; Kate Spade (old) - similar here
Earrings; Kendra Scott
Watch; Michele


  1. I love these plaid puffy vests! I admit one of the reasons I love fall is because of the plethora of plaid things. And I'm totally with you on discount shopping. It warms my heart to find a great deal.

    Jennifer Almarine :)