Ballerina Flats

9:07 PM

Shirt with tie paired with red leather skirt

top knot and fall style

ballet flats with a leather skirt

top knot with black blouse

black blouse paired with leather skirt for work

black tie blouse styled with leather skirt

blonde hair top knot

top knot with kendra scott earrings

black ballet lace up flats

black tie blouse

It isn’t uncommon for me to talk about leather on the blog. In the Fall I will wear a leather jacket with just about anything, my leather pants become my favorite bottoms, and this year I was able to add this perfect oxblood leather skirt to my repertoire. 
When I originally purchased this skirt, I envisioned it going perfectly with this oversized, slouchy pale pink sweater that I had....had being the key word. And the two were a match made in heaven! Like peanut butter and jelly…shampoo and conditioner…pumpkin spice and Fall! Then I washed the sweater and put it in the dryer without giving laundry a second thought. Anyone want to take a guess on how that ended? Yep, that’s right – my sweet puppy now has an adorable pink sweater to wear!
So until I can find that perfect blush sweater to replace the one that I so carelessly destroyed (good thing it wasn’t super expensive), I’ve been pairing this skirt with black blouses and my new favorite pair of flats!
I have been hunting for lace up ballet flats for a while, and being that I have a pretty small foot, every time I found a pair, my size was sold out. The struggles of life – ugh! ;) Well Old Navy to the rescue! Yep, that’s right, these beauties came straight from Old Navy and were on S-A-L-E!!! So if you have been hunting for these like I have, I highly suggest Old Navy…they come in black or tan, are extremely comfortable and are less than $30. I wouldn’t have been able to beat that had I found these shoes in my size anywhere else!
And of course they are getting packed up and taken to KY this weekend. Speaking of packed up, I still haven’t done that…hmm, perhaps I should get around to doing that soon.
Remember, tomorrow is Friday ladies!! Get excited :)

Outfit Details
Top; Target
Skirt; Marshalls - similar here and here
Shoes; Old Navy
Earrings; Kendra Scott
Bag; Valentino
Watch; Michele
Bracelet; Old Navy - similar here

**Photography by Joe Ventimiglia