Travel Tips: How to Pack Lightly

7:33 PM

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When it comes to packing, I am the worst. I will always add in 3 or 4 extra pairs of shoes, way too many outfit options and every possible hair styling tool and possible makeup choice JUST.IN.CASE. I mean, a girl has to have her options, right!?

Because I tend to over pack, I usually just take a car everywhere I go. This eliminates the issue with baggage fees, weight, and running out of space in my luggage when I buy too much at my travel destination (doesn’t this happen to everyone?!).

Well no such luck this weekend as I don't have a car since mine was stolen (see post about that here!), so I am flying home to Kentucky instead and looking very forward to seeing my dear momma and my closest friend Bitto. That’s not actually her name, but it would take way too long to type out the story of how she stumbled upon this nickname, but let’s just say “I luvva u one eye…bitto”.

Anyway, since I'm flying, I'm trying to be more strategic about my packing. Especially considering I know my mom has hair care and beauty products just like I would, and we are practically the same size so I could always rummage around in her closest if I needed to. But since I can’t be the only person that has packing anxiety, I figured why not share some tips on how I'm overcoming the challenge of packing my entire closet for a trip :)

Plan Ahead
This time around, I am taking the time to plan out my packing ahead of time. I usually procrastinate until the last second, in which I don't really have time to pack, so I throw everything into my suitcase and get out the door. This time, I am forcing myself to plan ahead! I used the app Polyvore to strategically pick out items that were already in my closet and mixed and matched until I had the perfect packing list. This helped me see my outfits ahead of time (I am a visual person), and will help me remember what exactly needs to go in the suitcase.

Color Scheme
In the picture, you may notice that all the items tend to follow a set color scheme. Yep, I decided to go with some neutrals (white, black & grey) with pops of red because this eliminates the need to pack a lot of different shoes, a lot of different accessories, or a lot of different lipstick lol. Plus the combination of all the items selected can create almost 10 different outfits, so that should conquer any and all moods that hit during my trip.

Pack Essentials 
I added in my Burberry scarf, my Karen Walker sunnies, and a great black hat because I seriously do not travel without a hat (see post about that here) and these are all accessories that can add value to any of the outfits I packed. For example, I can add the scarf for a little extra touch, or add the hat to make an otherwise casual outfit, very chic. Plus I am bringing along two pairs of staple shoes that will pull any of the outfits together perfectly!

Okay, now that I've taken the time to share my packing tips, and I've already mentally planned my outfits, I guess I should get up and start actually packing now....

Or maybe not. I mean, after all - I don't leave until Friday :)