Pajama Party!

6:58 PM

There’s something about a cute pair of pajamas that just makes me sleep a little better at night! Disregard the fact that both my dogs like to sleep on my face, and inevitably by morning, Wrigley is on one of my pillows, Ronaldo is on the other, and I’ve given up and moved to the foot of the bed to get a little space to myself lol.

But it’s hard to wake up in a bad mood knowing that you are waking up next to the three things that love you more than anything in this world AND you are rocking an adorable pair of pjs!

These All for Color PJs are warm, comfortable and so stinking cute it makes my heart sing!! I’ve always been a sucker for matching pajama sets, especially as the holidays near. Matter of fact, one of my favorite new traditions for Christmas is opening a pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve courtesy of my future in-laws! 

I don’t know about you, but when I wake up on Christmas morning, I usually have one of two thoughts.

1.       Did Santa come?
2.       I need coffee…stat
Never does it cross my mind that I am about to be in a bazillion photos, with bed head, no makeup and probably a zit or two from all the junk food I’ve snacked on. “Buzz your girlfriend…WOLF!”
So what do I do?? I use my stellar pjs as a distraction!! No longer do they see the Texas sized zit on my face, but rather they see cute snowflakes or cartoon snowmen!

Pretty genius huh?

And what’s the holidays without gifting those you love? Well I love all you awesome babes, so go ahead and take 20% off your purchase at All for Color using the code AFCSTYLE20!

Happy Holidays!

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