Stocking Stuffers

7:32 PM

Can you believe it’s December?! And to top things off, I haven’t even started Christmas shopping. So much for getting it all done in July, huh?

Even though I am clearly behind right now, I have at least been mentally planning holiday gifts. Hopefully soon I will get around to ordering those, but nevertheless, one of my favorite things to get for friends for Christmas is a cute little stocking.

You can fill stockings with just about anything! I personally love a little something sweet in there, in addition to some cute knick-knacks, a little bling (aka: jewelry) and of course socks. I have always had a fond love of cute little winter socks, so it wouldn’t be Christmas if some socks weren’t waiting for me in my stocking!

Anyway, this Christmas I’ve partnered with Ankit to bring you a whole handful of perfect stocking stuffer options, all of which I would love to unwrap on Christmas morning…or my birthday…or any other holiday for that matter!

And can I just say, if any of you want to know what to get me for Christmas, the emoji pillow would be a perfect gift :) - just kidding. Sort of!

Countdown til Christmas = YIKES, a lot less days then I thought!

Canvas Art; Ankit
Water Bottle; Ankit
Contact Lens Case; Ankit
iPhone Cover; Ankit
Air Freshener; Ankit
Pajamas; All for Color - more on these on the blog soon!

**Thank you to Ankit for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own and these truly are great stocking stuffer gifts!