Topnotch Trousers

7:05 PM

The first time I wore these wide legs pants, I tripped and fell on the sidewalk because my heel got caught in the pant leg and baby fell down and went boom :) As a result, I swore these off and didn’t wear them again for a few months…don’t worry, I wasn’t physically hurt, but my ego was bruised for quite some time, as falling outside the train station in Chicago in front of hundreds if not thousands of people is never fun…

Okay, you can stop laughing now! But I will admit, it was probably pretty funny as a bystander! So much so that not one single person stopped to ask if I was okay. Jerks!

But anyway, I recently took these pants to the tailor and had them hemmed just the tiniest little bit, in which they have now become the perfect Fall/Winter staple! Moral of the story folks, become besties with a tailor!!

So now that these haphazard bottoms are no longer hanging in the back of my closet, I’ve been finding a thousand and one different ways to style them, all which look so chic right now. And before all my petite ladies go getting sad on how they can’t participate in this trend, let me just say that I am only 5’2’, and thankfully these pants do not make me look all short and frumpy (which I will admit I originally feared!).

You might also be surprised to learn that I did not go to a store and try these on before buying either. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate trying things on in a dressing room. The lighting is either incredibly flattering to which I want to buy everything, or incredibly frightening to which I want to run from the dressing room in tears. This is where Brandz Affair comes in hand!

So what is Brandz Affair? Yea, I asked myself the same thing too. Brandz Affair is an online shopping experience like never before. Basically, it’s like a one stop shop for all your favorite brands (think Nordstrom, J Crew and Express, all in one location). Plus you can shop with a friend, via a live chat or video, because every girl needs reinforcement when shopping. I know I take Joe with me when I go shopping because he will be brutally honest if he doesn’t like something, and frankly that is just what I need when shopping or else I’ll buy the whole damn store! But how cool that I could just video him up and show him some items and get his opinion without ever having the leave the comfort of my own home! Or how about shopping with that bestie who's out of town?!! My best friend lives in Dallas, so this the perfect tool to reconnect over coffee and shopping, while channel surfing on the sofa!

Currently Brandz Affair is still in in beta mode, but if you are blogger interested in giving them a try, please reach out to me at and I will get you in contact with their rep :)

In the meantime, sign up for their newsletter so you can be notified as soon as they go live!!

Outfit Details
Pants: c/o Brandz Affair (found at Nordstrom)
Top; Cynthia Rowley - similar here and here
Shoes; Anne Michelle (old) - similar here
SunniesKaren Walker
Earrings; L.W.N
Watch; Michele

**Thank you to Brandz Affair for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own!