Fur Real

7:06 PM

Alright peeps, the temperature is -15 degrees here in Chicago today. Yea, no that isn’t a typo, this is Fur Real. It’s so cold here, the last thing I want to do is be frolicking around outside snapping pictures, and trying to look fashionable. Ladies, I wore two scarves today. One inside my coat, and one around my mouth and over the hood of my parka. There’s nothing fashionable about that. Matter of fact, I am sure I look like an armed robber, or that I dressed myself in the dark, and unfortunately, with all that effort, I was still freezing on my walk to work.

Do you see now why I said in my last post here, why waiting for the train is the worst part of the day?

Anywho, let’s rewind a few weeks. When the temperatures were not as painful, and the there was no snow on the ground. Ahhh, what I wouldn’t give for that right now! This coat…darling and adorable, and I got to wear it all of a couple of weeks before the temperatures dropped so low I needed to break out the parka. But, in those couple of weeks, I received so many compliments on it that I am almost getting antsy for Marchish, when I know it will start to warm up enough to wear it again.

I am a huge fan of wearing white in the winter, especially considering everyone else is mourning the temperatures in all black, so the unexpected pop of white is just as surprising as a pop of color. And who cares what they say about not wearing white after Labor Day, which reminds me of a really funny story involving the Chicago Police Department, who questioned my decision to wear white after Labor Day…but that’s too long to type and not 
nearly as funny unless you were there.

The best part is that this coat is cheap…not cheaply made, not cheap material…cheap cost! Fur real, this coat is only $45, which totally makes up for the fact that I might not get to wear it again for a couple of months. But at least I know it’s hanging in my closet, ready to take a spin when mother nature decides to cheer up and bring us some warmer weather!

Outfit Details
Coat; c/o SammyDress
Shirt; Target (old) - similar here
Jeans; J Brand
Heels; Steve Madden
Earrings; J Crew (old) - similar here
Nails; OPI - Big Apple Red