Grumpy Grown Up

7:42 PM

Today is one of those days where being a grown up is sometimes so annoying. I know there are plenty of exciting things about being a big girl, like living on my own and getting married, but paying bills, dealing with insurance, working day in and day out and just dealing with life and all her lemons is sometimes just too much.

So I find myself a little cynical today, which is really unlike me but I am human and I get moody from time to time (seriously though – Joe will agree :)).  But rather than spend time complaining about all my issues, I am taking this opportunity to write down 10 things I am thankful for right at this moment:
  •       My loving fiancé is coming home today after being away since last Thursday because I need my partner in crime back.
  •       The love and attention I get from my two sweet puppies because in their eyes, I do no wrong.
  •       The warm roof over my head and hot water in my shower because it’s too cold outside to be taking that luxury for granted.
  •       My family, specifically my momma because I can call her no matter what.
  •       The creation of coffee…and wine because, well…obvious reasons.
  •       Each of you, which stop by the blog each and every day because you all are seriously the best!
  •       The couples massage I have scheduled with Joe for tomorrow because I need to release some stress people!
  •       My new DryBar Buttercup hairdryer because I’ve been using one that smokes and gets so hot it burns my hair. (RIP my sweet little Conair. You were a good friend over the last 10 years).
  •       Ice Cream…because what else are you going to eat for dinner when your refrigerator breaks but not your freezer?!
  •       Lounge clothes. Because when all else fails in life, baggy sweatpants, cozy slippers and a nice, warm robe cures all!
Ahhh, I am feeling better already! Sometimes all it takes to improve your mood is simply to smile. Science proves it is possible to manipulate your brain into thinking it is happy, simply by smiling. Pretty cool huh??

As if you needed more reason to cut out negativity from your life!

Outfit Details
Top: c/o SammyDress
Denim; Express
Scarf; Marshalls - exact scarf here
Shoes; Ebay (Seriously!) - similar here
Socks; Forever 21
Purse; Tory Burch