Ninja Warrior Princess

6:48 PM

Happy Monday! After a very relaxing and stress free weekend, it was tough to get back in the swing of things today…hence the need for some yoga tonight!

Taking up yoga was one of my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions (to see the rest of the list, click here!), but I’ll admit, I haven’t been very diligent about making sure I go. The few times I have done yoga, I really enjoyed it. It was so nice to feel as though my body got an ultimate workout, without leaving the gym stinky and pouring sweat.

This may be TMI, but I literally sweat like a dude in the gym. It just isn’t ladylike and the older I get, the more it bothers me lol. So this made yoga that much more appealing…well minus hot yoga of course.

Also appealing was the need to shop for yoga clothes…because I need more reasons to shop, right!? I’ve stocked up on cute sports bras, tops and yoga pants so I can at least look the part, even if I have no idea what I am doing! I’ve also downloaded a couple apps to help me stay on top of yoga for days like today, when it is simply too cold to walk to the gym. On those days, I put my dogs in another room and turn my living room into a total calm, Zen wonderland of zero stress and no chaos. I also shut my blinds so my neighbors can’t make fun of me as I struggle from pose to pose :)

Are any of you having trouble staying on track of your new years resolutions?? What are you doing to help keep you from falling off the wagon?

Outfit Details
Top; c/o SammyDress
Yoga Mat; Marshalls - similar here and here