Opposites Attract

6:25 PM

How fun is the print of this skirt??! I snatched this up in the clearance section of Express a couple years ago, and every time I wear it, I am reminded of why I love it. It’s an unexpected blend of two prints that really just do not go together..but yet something about it looks perfect. In all honestly, it could be the fact that leopard print has practically become a neutral in the closets of women, which means you can add leopard print to almost any outfit and it “just goes”.

And that got me thinking, isn’t it weird how sometimes things just do not go together at all, and yet they work harmoniously together?? The old saying “opposites attract” exists for a reason! Take Joe and I for example…he’s my best friend and my soul mate… but if you were to strip us down to our bare interests and commonalities, you’d be left wondering how we ever stumbled upon one another.

Joe is “my polar opposite”. He’s super outgoing, thinks after he does (and speaks!!), puts everyone before himself, has a hard time saying no, loves techno music (is it still called techno music?!), loves to argue (he should have been an attorney) and can persuade eskimos to buy ice (I am not kidding).

Me on the other hand, I am much more on the introverted spectrum, I hate small talk, I think everything through 2 or 3 times before it’s done, I have no problem saying No, I hate techno music and confrontation, and I could not persuade a kid to buy candy (there’s a reason I don’t work in sales!).

But for every shortcoming, the other is the opposite, which has helped Joe and me to learn and grow together. He brings me out of my shell and I bring him down a few notches. He teaches me to speak up for myself and I teach him to pick and choose his battles. So on the outside, we may not look like we are perfect for one another, but ultimately we go together as perfectly as the prints on this skirt.

I guess you could say we are peanut butter & jelly. Which on an individual level, I do not care much for either, but combined, you have the best darn lunch in the world!

Outfit Details
Skirt; Express (old) - similar here and here
Top; c/o SammyDress
Shoes; Steve Madden
Earrings; c/o L.W.N