Valentine's Day Gift Guide

6:52 PM

I cannot believe that it’s almost February…arguably the coldest month of the year in Chicago, so not something I really look forward to each year, but there are plenty of great things that come from the month instead of cold temperatures and snow. 

Among that list, is Valentine’s Day! Prior to meeting Joe, I hated Valentine’s Day, lol. Probably because I was a bitter, single girl and no day in the whole year reminds you of being single more than Valentine’s Day. But now that I am engaged and planning a wedding - it’s one of my favorite holidays, but not for reasons you might thing. 

Sure I love flowers and gifts, but Valentine’s Day reminds me of how loved I am, and how much I love others. It reminds me how I should behave on a daily basis - writing cute notes, telling those I love how much they mean to me, spending time with those I love and giving them affection and attention. 

We should all challenge ourselves to love more on a daily basis! Matter of fact, get out your phone (unless you are driving - in which case - stop reading this and put down your phone!!!!), and send a text message to your mother, father, brother, sister, significant other, grandparents, etc, and let them know how special they are to you. Nothing makes someone’s day more than an unexpected surprise :)

Well that and maybe one of the gifts below :) Check out my Valentine’s Day gift guide..the perfect resource for that special lady in your life, your bestie, or even yourself! After all, we should be loving ourselves as much as we love others!