Inspiring Elsa

6:32 PM

Ya know..I’ve been thinking about this whole blogging thing.

·         The time I spent before I started blogging, wishing I had a blog.
·         The time I spent researching how on Earth to even create a blog, the difference between wordpress and blogger and how to go about buying a domain.
·         The time I spent trying to make every square inch of my first website perfect, only for it to crash 4 days later.
·         The time I spent writing content when all I really wanted to be doing was sleeping.
·         The countless times I’ve spent freezing my tail off outside, only to get a couple good shots because you could see my chill bumps and the ‘cold’ written all over my face in all the other pictures. #fail
·         The times I’ve spent convincing Joe that one day all his efforts in being my photographer will pay off.
·         The times I’ve spent writing emails to help desks to fix issues that I couldn’t even begin to explain (for the longest time you could only visit my site by not including the www – after three help desk calls later, it was finally fixed). 
Okay now I’m just rambling, but thinking about all of this reminded me that if you put enough hard work into it, you can make even the craziest dreams come true. Had you asked me over a year ago if I thought my blog would be where it is today, I would have hoped you were right, but likely doubted you and thought you were crazy. I always had big dreams for myself growing up, but was also the type of person to wait for opportunity to fall in my lap. But that just isn’t how things work people! 

Opportunity does not come knocking, but rather you have to stalk opportunity like a crazy ex-girlfriend until that perfect moment comes along to bust down the door! But for the record - only do this to opportunity ..not your actual ex-boyfriend! You are in control of your own destiny, and if you want something bad enough..and are willing to put in the hard work, frustration, dedication, blood, sweat and tears then the sky is the limit.

So what are you waiting for! Go chase those dreams girl!!

Outfit Details
Dress; c/o SheIn
Shoes; Macy's (on sale for only $14.99!!)
Scarf; Target
Watch; Shinola
Bracelet; The Peach Box - 15% off with code tpb-jessica_lyyna
Sunnies; Ditto - Get an endless pair of designer sunnies, and a free month with code JESSICALYNNA