Taking the High Road

7:25 PM

Alright my loves, I learned so much from the WCBC #BlogYourBest2016 conference, I don’t even know where to begin! I have 30+ pages of notes and a thousand and one different things I want to implement over the next few months, so stay tuned because as much as I would like to make all those changes right away…that just isn’t feasible!!

I also met some very lovely ladies and I am hoping to feature some of them on the blog soon, because I know if I love them, you will too!! And would you believe, socially awkward wall-flower me turned into a little social butterfly at this event?! I know – it was hard for Joe to believe too!

And I know y’all already know this, but t-minus 2 days until I leave for New Orleans! HOLLA! I don’t think the plane can leave quick enough…but in true Jessica fashion, I haven’t even started packing, and let’s be honest – I probably won’t start until Wednesday right before the flight. Surprise, surprise right?

Anyone want to come over and help me pack?!!

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