Cold Shoulder

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Casual off-the-shoulder top

Ruffled white top for Spring

Off-the-shoulder top in white

Chicago fashion for Spring

Outfit of the day for Spring

ruffled off-the-shoulder top

dark denim with a ruffled top

off the shoulder top perfect for spring

I’ll be the first to admit, when ruffled, off-the shoulder tops made a comeback last summer, I wasn’t a fan. Aside from tirelessly trying to figure out a comfortable bra to wear with these types of tops/dresses (thanks Silly B for solving that dilemma), I just didn’t like the way they looked for one reason or another. Fast forward to this past winter, I was doing a little research on upcoming Spring trends, and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if these same type of tops weren’t in style yet again…what gives?!

I figured I just had a badittude..kind of like I did with the return of the flare leg jean…but convinced myself that once I found the right top or dress, that I would fall in love with this style. And of course I was right (geez if only Joe could learn how frequently I am right :))! The first moment I put this top on, I was wearing a frown, some sweatpants and some hella greasy hair, and yet I looked in the mirror and I was it was love at first try-on! The top was flattering, girlie, and made me look the best one could possibly look with a pissy attitude and a 5 day old ponytail….so imagine what it can do with a clean pair of jeans and some freshly washed tresses?!

Maybe you’re like me, and you haven’t given this trend much thought…or maybe you’re not like me, and you love it already, but whatever tickles your fancy, this top is perfect!  It’s cheap enough (it’s only $29!!) to bite the bullet and order if you’re skeptical, classic enough if you love this trend already, and flattering enough that I guarantee you will love it.

It’s also selling out quickly, so time to get your butt in gear! 

Outfit Details
Top; c/o Venus
Denim; Express
Shoes; Marc Fisher
Earrings; old - similar here and here
Glasses; Karen Walker - wear this pair for free for 30 days with code JESSICALYNNA
Clutch; Rebecca Minkoff (old) - LOVE this new version here
Watch; Shinola
Leather Wrap Bracelet; New York & Company (old) - similar here