Grumpy Kitty

6:49 PM

Alright y’all…we’ve all had those days where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong and does go wrong and you just want to hibernate in a hole and maybe scratch that day off of next year’s calendar..right? You know, the day so bad that even a best friend, a big bowl of ice cream and a bottle of wine can’t even cure. 

Today is one of those days. And if I’m having one of those days, then someone else is bound to be having one of those days. And if you’re not having one of those days, you probably had one recently or will have one shortly (sheer optimism, huh?!). And you know what cheers me up when nothing else is working?? 

Yea, no…it isn’t my dog, or Joe or vodka. It’s memes! Grumpy kitty memes and E-Cards are the easiest trick in the book to improve my mood. So I’ve put together some of my all time favorites. And if you can make it through this post without cracking a smile or laughing, then I’ll give you $5…in monopoly money.