Hair Care: 101

7:06 PM

As a blogger, one of the worst things in the world is writer’s block…which I am currently suffering from. I hate posting to the blog when I read over my post and I feel uninspired or I haven’t laughed…I mean, why the hell would anyone read my blog to not laugh or to walk away feeling uninspired – right?! So since I’m struggling with clever puns and jokes that only I find funny, I will use this post to just provide a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Hair Care – why? Because who wakes up hoping to have a bad hair day? Yeah – NO ONE!

I had the privilege of stopping by George the Salon on Friday to get my hair did :) Since my sister in law’s baby shower was on Saturday, I wanted to take the easy route and have someone else do my hair (who am I kidding – I always want someone else to do my hair!), so I marched my happy butt down Rush St. and took the elevator up to the third floor for my appointment. My hair looked like crap on Friday…it was still mousy and lifeless after sleeping on wet hair 4 days prior, so to say I was looking a hot mess would be an understatement. But considering the salon is in the company of the Jimmy Choo store (down the street), the Vera Wang Bridal Salon (in the building), and Hermes (right next door), I figured there was no way I was going to leave the salon without feeling like a million bucks. Luckily I also had plans right after my appointment so I didn’t have time to window shop at the Jimmy Choo store, because God knows Joe would have blown a gasket had I came home with another pair of Jimmy Choo shoes :)

Anyway, I met with Dae Jung, stylist extraordinaire and such a delight! I think I asked him a million questions, but he was honest and cheerful and gave me a lot of tips to share with you ladies. So let’s get started!

The salon uses Kerastase products, which if you have read my blog in the past – then you know I swear by this brand. My hair is just a thousand times happier when I use their products, so if you haven’t given this brand a try – it wouldn’t hurt to see how your hair does with it! We started the appointment with a shampoo/condition and I did ask Dae his opinion on the million dollar question…

Should you wash your hair in hot or cold water?

I wash my hair in cold water (literally ice cold water), but only because my scalp is so incredibly dry that if I use even mildly warm water, my scalp will hurt and bleed for days (yea – welcome to my life!). Per Dae, he said it truly doesn’t matter the temperature of the water, but did say that rinsing your hair in cool water at the end of the washing process would help seal the cuticle and could result in your hair having an “added shine”. Perhaps it’s worth a try just to see how your hair looks and feels in comparison to warm/hot water.

Before drying, we added a couple products to my hair – both of which he said could be used on hair all the time, Kerastase Smoothing Serum (for antifrizz and shine) & Kerastase Resurfacing Strenghting Milk (for added nutrient, heat protectant, strengthening).

We talked a lot about the time I decided to dye my hair from a box, and y’all can consider me the absolute biggest advocate of not doing that! Sure it may appear to be cheaper to pick up a $7.88 box of at-home color, but ladies, by the time I spent $500+ trying to correct my color after the botch job I did on myself, it’s safe to say I would have been WAY better off just booking an appointment at a salon.

Anyway, next he started the curling process…I love when my hair has curls in it, although when I curl my own hair, it usually ends up looking the same regardless of what tools I use! Nevertheless he used a 1-inch,Hot Tools clamp iron, and alternated between curling pieces toward and away from my face. I usually just do each side of my head away from my face, but Dae mentioned that alternating would give the hair more dimension and after seeing the final product, I would agree! Don’t you think so too?!

One thing he never did was place the ends of my hair in the clamp, which helped give it more of relaxed, beachy type of effect. He also used only his hands to brush through my hair at the end, which just added to that “I was at the beach all day and my hair just looks this good” type of vibe.
As someone who doesn’t visit the salon as often as recommended, I asked Dae his number one tip for at home hair care, because as much as I wish I could go see him on a weekly basis – I don’t have that kind of time! What did I find out?

“Your hair deserves the same TLC you would give your skin.” Which if you think about it is SO TRUE! How many of us are guilty of just treating our hair like a bad habit and washing and drying it as quickly as possible (often times with the most heat), putting a thousand and one products in our hair, and then burning the hell out of it with straighteners, curling irons and whatever else bloggers like myself tell people we should be using (insert emoji of girl raising her hand here)! I can’t remember the last time I put a mask on my head at home, and I am absolutely guilty of letting haircare fall by the wayside. Give your head the all-star treatment ladies! Even if it is only once a week! Your hair will thank you…and so will your hairdresser :)

The last tip I learned, and probably the most valuable, as I am a sucker for looking at the products other bloggers use, but did you know hair care products often react the same way as perfume does…meaning two people could use the same product but get a different result? It makes sense, because just as our bodies give a different reaction to the same perfume, so does our hair! So it’s important to find the products that work for you and stick with those! Sure, it’s fine to try out products that bloggers like myself use, but if it’s not working for you – cut it loose. And if you’ve tried everything but just can’t get your hair to look like anything, visit Dae at George the Salon – because this man knows what he’s doing people!