Hype on Stripes

5:37 PM

Shouldn’t this dress speak for itself? I mean, look at it! But I know what you’re thinking…vertical stripes. Or is it horizontal stripes…geez, which of those is supposed to make you look fat again? Neither! Yep, that’s right, there is an appropriate way to wear both sets of stripes and look fantastic while doing it..because who in their right mind walks out of the house in the morning hoping they look $hitty and terrible?

Yea – no one!

So below are a few little guidelines to get you ready for the upcoming spring trend of stripes. But if I’m being completely honest, stripes never really died from a few years ago, and I don’t see the classic stripes going anywhere anytime soon…time to figure out a way to incorporate it into your wardrobe!

1. Don’t put horizontal stripes on the widest part of your body

Horizontal stripes (especially very stark, contrasting hues) will naturally make your body look wider, and the larger the contrast – the wider the look. So if your hips are the widest part of your body, stick to wearing stripes on your top half or vice versa. And pay attention to the hues…are your stripes black and white…or are they grey and black? Like I said, the bigger the contrast between the colors, the wider your body will naturally look.

2. Avoid wearing horizontal stripes on your thighs

Unfortunately most of us don’t have the legs of Heidi Klum..I know – that’s a total bummer! But because of this, the general rule of thumb is not to put horizontal stripes across your thighs. This means to avoid horizontally striped pants..and especially leggings!

3. Play around with stripes in dresses

One of the reasons I love this dress is because I can wear it without the vertical stripes getting all wonky and curvy (y’all know what I mean!), and it makes me look a little bit taller than I actually am – victory! And if you still want to wear horizontal stripes from head to toe – try out a fit and flare dress! They’re perfect for masking the widest part of the body (let’s face it – a lot of women would say the largest part is their hips)!

4. Pay attention to the width of the stripe

This is simple, the wider the stripe, the wider and shorter the area it covers will appear…so if you have a short torso (like me!), opt for thinner stripes on your top half.

5. Have fun

Have fun wearing stripes…it’s by far one of my favorite trends and the most important part of wearing them is to look in the mirror and feel confident in how you look, whether you’re sporting horizontal or vertical stripes, or even a potato sack! If you look good and feel good, then others will concur :)

Have some tips for wearing stripes? Feel free to share them below!

Outfit Details
Dress; c/o Shabby Apple (I'm wearing size 0P)
Shoes; Forever 21
Glasses; c/o Freyrs
Wallet; Kate Spade
Watch; Michele
Bracelet; Rocksbox - sign up and get one month free with code JESSICALYNNAXOXO
Rings; c/o The Peach Box Humble Chic