Preppy Polos & Puppies

6:15 PM

Is it just me, or does anyone else miss the days that polos were a simple, and preppy way to pull together an outfit? I love the classic polo…it reminds me of horse racing, which reminds me of polo, which reminds me of England, which reminds me of tea, which makes me feel classy and fabulous!!

But companies like Abercrombie ruined the polo, by plastering their gigantic logos on the breast of the shirt, and then teenage kids wore the hell out of them, myself included (sometimes two and three at a time - anyone remember the collar poppers?!) and now grown adults, who aren’t quite ready to give up their childhood still wear these polos, sometimes even when they don’t fit. Men are the worst though….they cram their huge muscles into polos, which they originally think makes them look manly and muscular, but we ladies all know it really gives an opposite effect. Am I right?!

In my “humble” opinion, there is a proper way to wear a polo…and step number one involves wearing one in which labels are limited. I like this Humble Chic polo because its simple, with no logos, and is a crisp, clean white - and that never really goes out of style. 

I paired it with some distressed denim, a cute pair of heels that are just the right pop of color, and because I was feeling preppy (and having a crappy hair day), I added a cute little polo hat. It almost makes me want to go play tennis…but obviously not in these shoes lol!

Also, everyone say hello to Wrigley and Ronaldo!! They always love their 5 minutes of fame and get so excited to have their picture taken….Ronaldo actually knows the words “want to take a picture” to which he instantly sits, tilts his head and waits patiently for you to snap photos until you say “all done.” I wish I was kidding, but I guess Joe and I have our hands full with two vain pups! But aren’t they just so darn cute?!!!

Outfit Details
Polo; c/o Humble Chic
Denim; J Brand
Shoes; Jimmy Choo
Purse; Marc Jacobs (old) - similar here
Watch; Shinola
Ring; c/o Humble Chic
Necklace; c/o Humble Chic
Sunnies; Karen Walker (Get FREE designer sunnies at Ditto with code JESSICALYNNA)
Book; Kate Spade