Mint To Be

8:21 PM

Holy Spring cleaning people! Joe and I (mostly Joe) did a whole lot of rearranging furniture, moving around artwork, getting rid of furniture, and so on and so forth in order to de-clutter our space. It took around a week (probably because I just sat and starred at the mess for 4 days last week and didn’t do anything lol), but nevertheless we are all finished! I couldn’t be happier with how our space looks now. It was the exact breath of fresh air this place needed! And despite how stubborn I have been in the past with not wanting to change a lot of the décor, let me just say that whoever deemed variety and change as the spice of life was totally a genius!

One of the worst things about apartments is the lack of space. I had to do some serious purging from my closet this weekend…I’m talking like 2 massive bags of clothes and like 30 pairs of shoes, but it was so worth it because now my closet is organized and clean as opposed to cluttered and wrinkled. So it probably comes as no surprise that now my favorite spot in the whole house is my little vanity area and closet.

This little desk is serving so many purposes..not only is this my vanity to do makeup and some serious eyebrow plucking (seriously – why didn’t anyone tell me how bad my eyebrows were over the past two weeks!?), but it’s also my side table for the bed and my desk for blogging! And would you believe that all of this spring cleaning, rearranging, redecorating and organizing all started because of one single piece of art work?!

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I LOVE art. It’s actually something that Joe and I are both passionate about and we have a plethora of artwork hanging on the walls of our apartment. Aside from the banksy art that I bought Joe for his 30th birthday, it had been a while since we added a new piece to our collection, especially something that wasn’t blue and green, or black and white (we obviously each have preferences for art!). I told y’all before, but Minted seriously has the best collection of art, all of which is beyond affordable because let’s be honest…collecting artwork is not a cheap hobby!

So anyway, I found this beautiful navy and pink piece of art on Minted’s website and knew that I needed to have it, but I promised myself when I moved in with Joe that I wouldn’t put pink in our house and would try to steer the décor toward gender neutral. But I really could not resist this piece! And when it came in, it was just as gorgeous in person as it was on the website! There was only one problem…it didn’t match anything in our house. So what’s a girl to do?! Well redecorate, of course!

I talked Joe (or maybe Joe talked me – let’s not be picky on all the details :)) into redoing our whole bedroom (yes I know…we just redid our bedroom here), but I mean new furniture, new bedding, everything! And would you believe he was totally on board with doing navy and pinks throughout the room?! It looks absolutely fantastic with the piece of art and since finishing everything, the room feels so much more serene and creative. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed…and inspired. I woke up ready to conquer the world. I woke up ready to make a difference. I woke up ready to pursue my dreams. And all because of a single piece of art! Amazing how one little thing can make all the difference in a room, right?! I guess it was just "mint" to be!

If your walls are looking a little sparse or if you just want to freshen things up a bit…take 15 minutes to scroll through Minted’s website, especially now while their anniversary sale is going on and artwork if 15% off with code EIGHT (hurry, the sale ends tonight)! But if you aren’t the art lover like I am, I did all the work for you and put my top 10 favorite pieces for y’all below :) Enjoy!

In case you couldn’t already guess…I tend to be more partial to abstract art, as for me, it provokes more thought and emotion, but there is a wide array of art on their website if our tastes differ!

Art; c/o Minted
Bedding; Target
Chair; Vintage - similar here

PS: The pups had to make an appearance, mainly because they rarely get out of bed. Do you like Ronaldo's bow tie?! It was his birthday yesterday!! #proudpuppyparent