So Good Saturday

2:35 PM

Chicago fashion blogger gingham plaid

AMI Clubwear pink gingham plaid dress

Chicago fashion blogger gingham dress

Chicago fashion blogger denim jacket

AMI Clubwear pink gingham dress

Chicago fashion blogger pink gingham

I don't usually post to the blog on the weekends...mainly because I use the weekends to enjoy time with family and friends and those I love. I work so much during the week that I often neglect those closest to me, so the weekends are my way of showing them how much I care and catching up on cuddles. But considering I am just hanging out with the pups this weekend, I figured 'what the heck', why not post to the blog!?

So what are you peeps doing today? I am being incredibly in like too lazy to even shop...I know, that's unbelievable, but I can't even get motivated to get out of my pajamas, much less drive or walk somewhere.

But on the plus side, this dress that I wore the other day was a serious bargain...much like everything else on the AMI Clubwear website. When I first discovered this site, I figured it wouldn't apply much to me considering I am not a club-goer, and I don't really own any club clothes...but this site has some really cute things - especially shoes...and they are all really reasonably priced!! I've linked some of the other items I picked up from there, since this dress is currently sold out, but there are so many other goodies, it doesn't even matter!

If you're feeling lazy like me today, how about a little online window shopping!