Independence Day

6:30 PM

Independence Day

Maybe I’m weird, but as the momma to two of the sweetest fur babies in the world, I treat them like actual children. When I get home from work, I ask them how their day has been and from the wag of their tails, I can usually sense if they had a good day or not. Does anyone else do this with their pets lol? Well either way, last week Joe and I could tell something was a little off with our 5 year old schnoodle, Ronaldo. He just wasn’t his bubbly, snuggly, kissy self…and thus my worry kicked into overdrive, resulting in not a lot blogging, or anything for that matter, being accomplished.

Although Ronaldo is not 100%, he has shown signs of improvement as of late yesterday, so fingers crossed he gets progressively better throughout the upcoming days and weeks. If I'm being honest, we aren't completely sure what's wrong with him, but we suspect that he may have hurt his back. Poor little guy. Aside from that, I haven’t been up to much of anything lately, although I did a lot of online shopping in anticipation of the upcoming holiday (#RetailTherapy & #StressShopping). 

There is still time to get your 4th of July outfits in order, so I’ve tagged my outfit, as well as some other really fun and festive options at the end of this post. 

Does anyone have any great plans for the holiday? I was supposed to be headed home to Kentucky, but Joe and I decided it might not be best for Ronaldo to make that long of a car ride, so looks like I’ll be sticking around Chicago & hopefully catching a ray or two of sunshine.

Hope you are each having a great Tuesday!

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