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chicago fashion blogger wedding wardrobe

chicago fashion blogger wedding wardrobe

Since I posted it on my Insta, I guess I can officially announce that I am the proud aunt of the cutest little boy in the whole wide world! He is so precious and all the pictures and videos on my phone are the perfect medicine for any type of stressful day, case in point – today!

Being gone most of last week for the little munchkin’s birth put me seriously behind on all things work related, so I spent the vast majority of today straining my eyes after countless hours of starring at a computer screen. #ExcelHell It’s no wonder I need glasses!

Anyway, let’s talk about fashion, shall we? I haven’t been doing a whole lot of shopping lately, tragic I know, and perhaps Joe would disagree with me (lol) but I’ve more or less just been more interested in trying to binge watch Gossip Girl and read. If you didn’t know I was engaged, you’d swear I was a single white female with lots of cats and a terrible social life, but thankfully every pot has its’ lid and I found Joe :)

Okay back to fashion – it’s wedding season which means a season chalked full of formal event after event. Matter of fact, my besties wedding is in just a couple weeks ago and I’m still clueless what to wear!! I was recently stocking my closet full of formal dresses in preparation, but in typical girl fashion, I still feel like I have nothing to wear. With the exception of this striped dress that is also currently 15% off! Isn’t it adorable?!

I love that the fabric is weighted (something I strongly prefer in dresses after moving to the “windy city”), it’s feminine and it’s striped – my favorite pattern of all time! Right now, this beauty is the top runner for the wedding, but I’ve included a couple other contenders below…perhaps y’all can help me choose which one to wear?!

Outfit Details
Dress; c/o ChicWish
Shoes; Jimmy Choo
Necklace; Rocksbox
Watch; Shinola
Earrings; c/o L.W.N