Ordering from Where?!

5:15 PM

Okay little ladies…I’m headed to the Adele concert tonight and I am super super pumped! So tonight’s post is really quick and all about this little gem of a website I found lately called Romwe.

I’ve recently been exploring the idea of ordering from China, frankly because some of the items I’ve been seeing on other bloggers are just so darn cute and I can’t find items that cute in any of the stores I normally shop from. So I recently ordered a few pieces, and I must say, I was quite impressed with how quick the shipping was and the quality of the items!

So I figured if it worked out this well for me (these items will be on the blog soon - I promise), that y’all might be interested in giving it a try too– especially considering the prices are freaking awesome!

So enjoy – and check out my snapchat (jessica_lynna) for more on the Adele concert!

Talk to you peeps tomorrow :)